Robotic Welding

Scott integrates flexible and unique solutions for the metal fabrication industry and can provide standard solutions, as well as tailor-made metal fabrication and welding systems to suit your specifications.

Welding Robots 1440x1440


Robotic welding is fast, accurate and produces high quality welds. Robotic welders can achieve the correct angle, speed and distance with repeatable accuracy of (± 0.04 mm). This means every weld is produced to the best possible quality, significantly reducing rework, improving product quality and increased productivity.

Scott has several decades of robotic and automation experience, providing us the ability to offer cutting edge, easy-to-operate turn-key solutions for metal fabrication. We offer three types of welding systems including compact rotary table weld cell, flexible track system and back-to-back weld cells, in addition to our customised welding cells.

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