The Scott Service Advantage: Remote Diagnostics & Operator Training

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Most advantages of service and maintenance are well known. Regular maintenance and servicing of your equipment ensures the smooth running of your manufacturing facility, minimising the risks of production critical breakdowns. However, there are some less considered, but equally important, advantages to engaging a service provider.

Utilising service and support regularly and in a timely manner can reduce lost revenue from down time or excessive overtime by reducing the occurrences and length of unplanned downtime. Regular servicing and maintenance also increase workplace safety for your equipment operators and reduces overall product damage and waste. A good service provider, like Scott, will service and maintain your equipment but will also provide system training services and utilise remote diagnostic tools which when combined reduce the need for costly service call outs and reduces the risk of injury or human error.

Being aware of a fault or breakdown and correcting this is often time critical for many operations. To provide the fastest notification that your system may require help many operations employ a remote diagnostics tool. This will immediately notify staff of a fault or breakdown and allow a certified programmer to remotely access the system for repair or monitoring. By diagnosing a problem remotely, the system downtime is reduced, allowing production to resume faster to meet production requirements.

Remote Diagnostics

Scott uses a remote diagnostics tool where our certified engineers can access the system and ensures repair as quick as possible through fast fault identification and giving plant engineers support to get PLC, robot or vision systems back online as quickly as possible. Our remote diagnostic tool has been designed with three core functions:

  • Remote Alert: An email with a series of video of the fault is sent automatically to pre-determined staff if a fault alarm is triggered. This ensures that key personnel are notified immediately of a system fault and that they have the necessary information for a timely repair.
  • Remote Live:  3G technology is used for real-time monitoring of the system area internally, enabling live video feed of production floor.
  • Remote Online: A certified programmer will have access for repairs through a private network once a fault has been triggered.
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Operator Training

Having well trained operators can also benefit a production line as they can help to troubleshoot a breakdown or repair minor errors without having a service technician visit your site. Scott offers basic to advanced programming, operations and customised training for ABB and KUKA robots, which can be customised to the specific needs of a system. Our operator and maintenance training programs aim to maximise the benefits and features of your system, increasing productivity, promoting process improvement and reducing overall maintenance time. Our collaborations with leading automation providers give us the tools and knowledge to be able to train your staff on a number of systems and robotic applications as well as provide expert service and support for a wide range of industry-leading applications globally.

Scott is a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) supplier, a member of the Control System Integrators Association, an ABB Authorised Value Provider and have staff who hold CMSE® – Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV Nord). If you are experiencing a production critical breakdown, call your local 24-hour Service & Breakdown Hotline now or email the team to schedule your preventative maintenance.

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Scott has a dedicated international service team that provides servicing, maintenance, training, upgrades, and breakdown support throughout the world.

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